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Araliayas in Udaipur is a privately owned estate, located amidst the scenic mountains of the Aravali range your first impressions of Araliayas will probably be the space, peace and the breathtaking panoramic views. The privacy, location and the splendid views provide a lush green scape that rejuvenates the senses and it's been so designed that indoor merges seamlessly with the outdoors. It is the ideal place to relax, unwind and soak in what promises to be an unforgettable experience

The unique experience begins with an enchanting drive from the city to the location. Like a moving cameo the splendour of the city gives way to the serene lakeside and then to the rustic simplicity of village life located in the heart of the woods. After a short acquaintance, you will feel that Araliayas is just like home. There is nowhere quite like it for perfect relaxation, and though the city is merely a few minutes' away, Araliayas is in another world


Anyone visiting India would be cheating himself or herself, if they didn't get a taste of Indian countryside. It's not that difficult, Udaipur is surrounded by natural beauty on all sides and within a few minutes, one can be up in the hills, where peace reigns: the only sounds may be those of the birds or an occasional leopard. From the aspects of proximity to the city as well as the countryside, access and utter, unspoiled beauty, staying at Araliayas in Sisarma is a good choice. The little village is just at the back of Lake Pichola and has easy access to Udaipur around the lakeside lane or via the main road from Chetak Circle or Brahmpol.

Once you get to Sisarma, the scenery changes dramatically. Here the panorama opens up into the wide river valley stretching away to the surrounding mountain slopes. For those who enjoy hiking, cycling, bird-watching or merely relaxing in the peace and quiet, this area is simply perfect!


Udaipur lies east of Lake Pichola, Sisarma lies to the west. On this side of the lake the rugged Aravali Mountains rise up in jagged chains, meandering valleys fanning off in various directions from the main Sisarma valley.

The verdant, undulating bottom of the Sisarma valley contains three large villages - Nai, Bujra and Sisarma, and a number of small settlements. The massif of Banki-ka-Magra lies southeast of Sisarma and between this and the serrated chain of Arnia Magra is the long vale of Naya Khera. To the other side of Arnia Magra are Nandeshwarji Lake and a revered Shiva temple. The road that passes, heads off to the lovely mountainous countryside of the southwest. Due west of Sisarma is a long ridge; Nai is near one end, and Bujra near the other.

Araliayas looks directly out over this wonderful landscape; the broad valley and the backdrop of stark mountains in the direction of the rising sun. There are great trekking routes over there another route heads out this way to the shrine at Ubeshwarji and to the magnificent Bari Lake. To the due West rises the Monsoon Palace, presiding over the entire landscape; a focal point for miles around.



In midst of beautifully landscaped gardens, lush green surroundings and water bodies this seating is so comfortable and , it will help you loosen up. This is an informal outdoor location for cultural and entertainment evenings where the sunset and the beautiful lighting after the sun goes down can be enjoyed by one and all. It is an ideal place for winter with charcoal heaters by your tables. Perfect place for group lunches and dinners.


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  • We were two couples and stayed at Araliayas Resort on 26 December 2013 on our way to Mount Abu. The rooms were big, spacious, absolutely clean, well made and everything inside the room, be it glasses or kettle or towels, was clean and tidy. The landscaping was beautiful with a whole gamut of colours thrown in which we enjoyed while having our breakfast.
    The thing that made our stay perfect was the hospitality; there was nothing that we had to ask again, it was done as soon as we requested.

  • This resort is a real oasis of comfort and beauty.The grounds are amazing and the rooms are SPOTLESS.
    The location is out of town making the experience extremely quiet and enjoyable.
    This family owned resort is a real treat after a busy day of seeing the sites in the City of Lakes (Udaipur, India).
    We HIGLY recommend this location. The rooms, pool, restaurant, food and service are FANTASTIC.
    Treat yourself to a really great experience at a resort owned and operated by a wonderful family.