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Discover Your Next Adventure at Our Aravali Mountain Range Resort

Araliayas in Udaipur is a privately owned estate; located amidst the scenic mountains of the Aravali range your first impressions of Araliayas will probably be the space, peace and the breathtaking panoramic views. The privacy, location and the splendid views provide a lush green scape that rejuvenates the senses and it’s been so designed that indoor merges seamlessly with the outdoors. It is the ideal place to relax, unwind and soak in what promises to be an unforgettable experience.

The unique experience begins with an enchanting drive from the city to the location. Like a moving cameo the splendour of the city gives way to the serene lakeside and then to the rustic simplicity of village life located in the heart of the woods. After a short acquaintance, you will feel that Araliayas is just like home. There is nowhere quite like it for perfect relaxation, and though the city is merely a few minutes’ away, Araliayas is in another world.

Araliayas has in its vicinity the ancient village of Sisarma & Nai, it is surrounded by the Aravali Ranges and protected forestry land from almost three sides. To the west is the magnificent and formidable Sajjangarh Palace (Monsoon Palace) and wild life sanctuary.

The City of Udaipur is only a few minutes’ away, so you are not far from the shops and landmarks, but the short distance from the city to Araliayas makes all the difference in the world as far as the tranquillity is concerned. The sounds of horns, brakes, loudspeakers and other noise pollution seem a million miles away. Araliayas enjoys balmy days of fresh air and peace, and delightful velvety nights of gentle breezes and only the sound of crickets. There is so much you can do – swimming, trekking, going on a village safari, bird watching, mountain walking, having a massage or just sitting & relaxing with your favourite book with a soothing sounds of nature.

Our chefs take pride in preparing and serving mouth-watering Indian and International cuisine and the rest of the staff are ever ready to ensure you have a pleasant and comfortable stay. Altogether your stay at Araliayas will recharge you and provide you with happy memories of a rarely seen facet of India.

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